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Treat your spirit, mind, home, and body to a complete revival using your own hand made, natural products. You’ll be saving the environment, your pocketbook, as well as your home and body with your new bountiful knowledge of natural verses chemical. You’ll find peace of mind knowing your products are now all free of harsh chemicals, antibiotics, carcinogens, phthalates, etc.

Welcome to Quaint Street’s All Natural Classes

Smooth and luscious, you’ll create a hands-on project in class and receive recipes and tips.  

Just the way Grandma used to make her soap! Stop paying so much and start making your own.

Explore lotions and facial tonics (ph balancers, clarifiers, etc) and leave with lots of easy recipes.

Make wonderful bread dipping oils and salad dressings with your new found infusing techniques.

Stop! Never use all those harsh commercial products on your hair again. Re-train your hair naturally.  

Here is just a sample of what we offer:
Lip Balm:
Cold Process Lye Soap:
Lotions & Tonics:
Infused Olive Oil:
Shampoo Plus:
Welcome, your journey begins here...
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