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All Natural Class / Home Made Class by “Quaint Street”

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Cold Process / Lye Soap Class

Class meets two days:

    1st Class Times,   3 hours

    2nd Class Times,  1 ½ hours

Private Classes may skip second day with extra instructions on how to prepare and cut soaps.

Lye Soap Class

Learn to make soap just like Grandma used to make. In this two day class we’ll create one large batch of soap together on day one. On day two we’ll come back to cut our soap while discussing the various molding options, how to dry and cure your soap, etc. We’ll cover lye safety and work area clean-up in class. You’ll go home with one or more bars of soap to use yourself or give away.

Additional supplies will be available for purchase.

REQUIREMENTS:  You must wear old clothes, long sleeves, have on covered toe shoes and long pants. You will also need a pair of rubber gloves and safety glasses (eye glasses or sun glasses are permitted).

All Natural Lip Balm

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