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All Natural Class / Home Made Class by “Quaint Street”

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All Natural Lip Balm

One of the harshest commercial bath and body products on the market is shampoo. You’ll learn why it is so damaging to your hair and body along with a new way to think about hair and shampoo. We’ll discuss natural versus commercial products, so called “natural” products on the market now, etc. You’ll create two different types of shampoo to bring home and try on your own hair allowing you to decide which style shampoo works best for you. We will create both a liquid shampoo and a shampoo bar in class. Not only will this replace your current shampoo but you will no longer need to use conditioner and may not need to use any additional product in your hair at all (such as hair spray, mousse, etc).


Additional supplies available for purchase in class.

Class Length: 2.5 hours

Number of Students:

Liquid Shampoo & Bar Shampoo


2 ½ Hours

Shampoo Class