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All Natural Class / Home Made Class by “Quaint Street”

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Laundry Soap Class

Everyone that has used this laundry soap agrees that it is as good, if not better, than all the top brand name detergents on the market! But at a tiny fraction of the cost - plus it is all natural with no harsh cleansing chemicals like those found in all commercial detergents. Using this milder laundry soap will get you the same results as far as cleaning but will keep your colors brighter for longer due to lack of those harsh chemicals. And, yes, this will work for those of you with front loading washers. 50 loads will run you approximately $2.00 total!  Create a gel style laundry soap.

REQUIREMENT:  Please bring a 2 to 10 cup tight sealing container(s) to bring home a portion of the laundry soap batch created in class.

Class Length: 2 hours

Number of Students:


2 hours