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All Natural Class / Home Made Class by “Quaint Street”

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Owner and instructor Jessica Werman has been making and teaching all natural products since 2003. Her passion is sharing her knowledge to enrich the lives, homes, and health of everyone she encounters. Jessica offers personal stories and a wealth of knowledge for people to discover for themselves how God designed nature to heal, protect, and nurture your body and home.  


Instructor Margaret Harrison has been making all natural products since 2007. She is currently pursuing her degree in Herbal Medicine.  Her passion is sharing her herbal knowledge and personal health successes in class while assisting you in discovering your overall natural health.

Our goal...

Our goal at Quaint Street is to promote health and wellness for you and your home. As Christians we believe that God has given us an abundance of nature which when used and combined properly can provide for nearly all your home and body needs.

Our practices have been proven to make a significant difference in most people, women in particular, as we eliminate the harsh chemicals commonly found in beauty (bath & body) products. Most of these chemicals have not been tested by the FDA and are known to be hormonal disrupters.  

We’ll help you learn the differences between man-made products and those products given to us by God through nature.  

Use nature to heal your body, your spirit, and your home...

About us...
Learning through nature...

As avid animal lovers, Margaret and I, along with Quaint Street (All Natural Class / HomeMade Class) have strived to ensure that our products are not only safe for you and the environment, but that they are safe for all your pets as well.

I currently have an in-home bird rescue so I pay particular attention to any product I make or purchase for the safety of the birds. Unfortunately, the majority of products on the market, especially cleaning products, are riddled with chemicals that are extremely dangerous to birds (and yes, we humans, too). As humans our bodies have a natural air filtering system allowing us to filter out some of the bad particles in the air we breathe. Therefore, we only use a fraction of this air. Birds, on the other hand, do not have our filtering system.  Therefore, any chemical could cause lung damage, severe health issues, and even death. This is why you may have heard of miners using canaries in the coal mines - the canary was their first sign that an odorless chemical may be in the air. For this reason you will not find any Teflon or silicone used here! This includes hair dryers, Teflon cooking pots & pans, or silicone baking products as they all give off harmful gases when heated.

Want to learn more? Attend a class, I am always happy to answer questions and share what I have learned...

I hope you enjoy our website and all the classes you’ve signed up to attend!


Jessica Werman


‘Pet Friendly’ & All Natural Note from the Owner...