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Coconut Oil, 1 lb  $8.99

Wooden Loaf Mold  $29.99

Bottles & Containers  - prices vary

Lotion bars are “all the rage” these days. But, seriously, how do you ever manage to carry them around? On more than one occasion I have seen someone pull a plastic baggie from their purse or bag to use their little lotion bar inside.   

Not at All Natural Class! No way. Lotion bars are a great idea and I love the great on-the-spot treatment they offer (often better for those pesky trouble spots than regular lotion) but there is a better way...

Introducing Lotion Sticks! All Natural Class will show you how to make your lotion bar in twist up stick form. Make it big like a deodorant stick or small like a lip balm. Either way you’ll find your stick much more versatile than the bar. Check out our Lotion Stick class today.  

Many of us strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle. However, there are some products that are just too difficult.  Rather than using lip balm tubes which are tough to clean and reuse, consider small tubs with a screw top or slide top.  They come in both plastic and metal.  Tubs are easier to clean and can be reused repeatedly.

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