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All Natural Class / Home Made Class by “Quaint Street”

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Why sit through introductions three times for three classes?  Save your time by taking a Triple Play class - three classes in one full session.  Current options include:


  Triple Play A - Lotion Sticks, Lip Balm,  Essential Oil and Herbs


  Triple Play B - Cleaners & Sanitizers, Lotions & Facial Tonics, Essential Oil and Herbs


  Triple Play C - Bath Salts & Teas, Infusing Olive Oil, Essential Oil and Herbs


Each Triple Play class includes our Getting to Know Essential Oils and Herbs.  Ideal for all students! Once you start making each of these great projects at home you’ll find you’ll now have essential oils and herbs available.  What else can you do with them?  What else can you use them for?  What other valuable properties can I use from them?  We’ll answer these questions and more to get your mind thinking about that next project you can make at home and how you can use the supplies you have now gathered or acquired.




3 ½ Hour Sessions




All Natural Lip Balm

Triple Play Class


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